Featuring Craig Droessler, Creator of mylight

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Grab your umbrella and join Endless Beautiful and Craig Droessler – the found art maniac behind mylight. It’s raining creativity! Check out Craig’s wares at!


Craig Droessler and Tootsie

Craig Droessler is a modest malcontent living in Madison, WI. where he created a brand of found-art lighters; mylight. When not making lighters or yelling at his two indignant cats, he hammers out signs and banners during the week and dj’s weddings on the weekends to pay the real bills. Unconfirmed reports claim he also moonlights as “Ashtray” a host on the notorious Red Eye Report podcast, but he has still declined to comment.

Summer Breeze

As he sat at the light, he looked over at the gas station on the corner. A bunch of high schoolers – Future Farmers of America, where running a summer car washing fundraiser. John had known the do gooders and jocks to do that sort of thing when he was going to school. He had been too busy jacking off and smoking weed to get involved with nonsense like that.

The light turned green and John punched the gas in his 87 Camero. He didn’t need a car wash. His Camero looked pretty good from the outside. It smelled of stale beer and cigarettes on the inside. Kids shouldn’t have to deal with that sort of thing.

He pulled the beer bottle up from in between his legs and took a sip. It was beginning to turn warm in the summer heat. No A/C in the Camero.

As John drove down the windy highway, For Those About to Rock played over his dusty car speakers for the thousandth time. John was beginning to hate ACDC. He wasn’t sure why. It felt like a bit of a betrayal.

Up ahead. There was small sedan with its emergency lights on, pulled over to the side of the road.

John downed the rest of his warm beer. He stashed the bottle under his seat. It clanked against the other summer afternoon beers. He pulled behind the car.

John sat there for a bit in the hot car. He couldn’t see anybody near the red sedan, but the heat was making him sick. He opened his door and walked up.

There was a bear sitting in the driver’s side. It was wearing a yellow slicker, that looked miserably dense in the heat. A shaggy dog was on the passenger side.

The bear glanced at John quickly with its brown eyes and long muzzle. Before looking forward at the dash. Like there was an angel falling on the road in front of them. The bear was spooked. Probably high on shrooms, thought John.

“You boys okay?” asked John, now smiling. “You need me to call a truck or anything?”

The bear still stiffly looked ahead.

The shaggy dog leaned over his lap. “We’re fine man. We just needed a little time, that’s all.”

John got back in his car and took off.