Vacuum Hose

Featuring Mother Booze Author, Allison Tyra

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Join Allison Tyra, author of Mother Booze: Slursery Rhymes for your Alcoholic Inner Child, and try to suck up as much creative inspiration as possible!


Allison Tyra is an American transplant to Sydney, where she works in arts marketing and development, spends a lot of time petting animals and taking notes while her friends drink, for research and blackmail purposes. Allison also created and manages, a searchable database of more than 600 job banks in the creative industries, as well as thousands of links directly to organisations’ employment pages. You can find her on Facebook at and on LinkedIn at




Industrial dryer, hotel workers sharing stories and conversation at the end of a long day

Garage band jam session with improvised instruments, setting up a baseline and experimenting with accompanying sounds. the “performers” are not teen boys, but middle-aged women seeking creative release from their daily lives, using pieces from those lives.

Rushing water filling a bathtub, something wrong with the pipes (banging, inconsistent water flow) – when you call in the plumbers, they discover something far worse than you could have ever imagined

Carnival ride – third date, he’s trying to impress her by bringing his nephew, but she’s not thrilled with either the carnival or his pseudo-parenting skills
Trying to clean the aforementioned bathtub (scraping and water noises)
Sitting still in a busy place while the world blurs past, lost in your own thoughts, everything else is indistinct and unimportant – even as it surrounds you, it does not touch you. Sometimes you need this escape, but you have indulged too often and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for you to reconnect
Tuning an instrument while someone else types – two people co-existing in the same space, aware of each other but not interacting, they are at peace and comfortable with the arrangement of many years’ living together. The peace, but not the comfort, are disrupted with the arrival of friends and family.