Cooking Grate

Featuring Karen Haskell of Frequency Writers

Cooking Grate Cover
Gather around the fire and cook up some creative treats with writing instructor and operations director of Frequency Writers, Karen Haskell!

Karen Haskell has an MFA in writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Her chapbook Sixty Years was published by Finishing Line Press. Her work has been included in anthologies, RI Parent Magazine, and she was a member of the Listen to Your Mother Providence cast. Karen has over 12 years of experience as an administrator in non-profit adult education and as a teacher in higher education. She has also been a Frequency volunteer and student.


The scrape of the ball
across the grass blades
is nearly noiseless
except to those living below
like the worms you worry about
when they appear bloated & translucent
on our driveway after a heavy rain.

You are not yet sure
how they can drown
without a lake.
You are 7 this fall.
The age Piaget
says reason begins.

I remember the neighbors
telling us that for years
they told their children
that the ice cream truck
was a music truck.
That it came every afternoon
just after the school bus
to help celebrate the day.

The neighbor’s children are
in middle school now
and the ice cream truck
stopped coming a long time ago.
This is how most things change.
Slowly, unseen,
tunneling under the surface,
unless the storm
pushes them out.

-Karen Haskell