Listen and Create.

Endless Beautiful is a creativity workshop and podcast that promotes creative writing  and community arts by using sounds as inspiration.


The Endless Beautiful Method was created by Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker. Endless Beautiful workshops guide participants through creative writing and sharing exercises centered on spontaneous creative expression and discussion.

For each workshop, Lucas and Carolyn record various audio clips that serve as material for the audio sessions we use as prompts for our creativity exercises. Each audio session is roughly 15 minutes long, during which participants simultaneously listen and create, using the sounds as creative inspiration. Participants then share their work aloud with the group and offer one another feedback, modeling parts of their creative processes. Audio sessions and excerpts from the works created in our workshops are included in the Endless Beautiful podcast.

High quality Endless Beautiful Sessions are available for purchase on the website. We welcome your feedback and encourage your art. Participants are welcome to come to the live workshops currently held around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Please join us online by submitting your work on our website and offering constructive feedback on our discussion forums!

Thank you for being a part of the Endless Beautiful.

Session Facilitators:

Carolyn Decker, poet and wetland biologist, spends her favorite days outside asking plants about who they are and where they live. She studied environmental science at Wheaton College and spent a year as a Watson Fellow investigating the relationships between nature conservation and creative writing. Endless Beautiful enables her to be a careful listener and thoughtful writer.

Lucas Pralle is in the right place when he’s putting tools to good use. He’s the writer and producer of the serialized audiobook, Inner Harsh. Production of Endless Beautiful allows him to explore the medium even more, and the sessions are an excellent way for him to put his creativity to test.   


If you would like to contact us, please send an email to create[at]endlessbeautiful[dot]com