Lock and Key

Featuring Halah Mohammed, Spoken Word Poet

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Unlock your creative potential with this Endless Beautiful session featuring the spoken word poet, Halah Mohammed!

Halah was born and raised in Brooklyn. There she learned to speak and write poetry like a second language. Most days that’s what you’ll hear first from her. Second, is “Hi”.
She currently resides in Denver, Colorado, amidst friends and loved ones. At any given time you’ll catch her doing one or all of these things at the same time: teaching, writing, listening, Knitting, living, or loving.
Instagram: @h252h
Twitter: @HalaHMD

The hot glass rolls and swings around his fingers, salamanders in a stream, a motorized cat waiting in the reeds. Mewing for a meal that it couldn’t eat.

This is not the future.

The world is a strange thing. Interconnected communities, molecules of carbon passing through the lungs of a workman cutting his boot, 200 hundred years prior, now passing over the transistors and nodes of a power drill being sunken in a deep sea explorer destined to implode.

It has been written.

In the encyclopedic and sometimes pornographic archive of the world. Until that world ends with a hum, and a new one begins with the jangle of key.

Cracked wooden stairs are good hiding points for flecks of metal shaven from repeated use of a lock. Aluminum slivers driven deep into the corkwork of old pine and oak boards by leaky shoes worn to the sole on the inside heel and by the thunderous echoes of doors slammed shut.

Post, pre, and post apocalyptic sealife, some say seals rolling upon rocks will inhabit the space of those silver flecks, forged in the fires of humanness. The metal will press down into their thick grey skin, float past their bellies, into the eyes of the suns that eventually will inhabit that very same space.

This has been written, too.