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Josiah Davis

Josiah Davis is an editor that has worked on over two dozen published projects for self-published/indie authors and small presses alike. His services can be found at

Instagram: jdbook_services

He grabbed the huge brass knocker and flung it against the door.

Once. Twice. Three times.

The blood of the ancients and the of his children burned his rough calluses. Forged of flint. Dirt. Fat cut from sheep.

The drums of his tribe beat with a solid rhythm from the black depths of the forest. Small billows of smoke pierced the high canopy. The jungle sat squat, waiting for this moment, when the great temple would be split open and her people set free.

Callut heaved the huge brass ring against the door once more. It shattered into several pieces, barely missing his bare feet.

It was time.

The twenty foot tall doors slowly crept open. I whiff of dust and salt filled Callut’s nostrils and ears. He looked back at his people, hiding behind makeshift shields in the tall grass.

Only Callut could venture inside. This was the prophecy. This was the way of the oracle bones.

The grandmother’s sugar brown teeth and the dog eating jerky.

Callut slipped between the massive doors.

And then there was darkness.

A whirring.

It was close.

He could feel the blades of a fan inches from his chest. Ready to cleave his nipple. A puff of air pushed up his nostril. and spat water against his eye. Callut stumbled back, but the large doors were no longer there.

He was falling.

And then the reason for his arrival became clear. Emblazoned, bright orange and green on the surfaces around him, Callut saw the timid but resilient frog. Like the ones that he would capture at night with his children, laughing.

In blue, there was the outline of a wolf. Sleeping peacefully with her mate.

Callut saw a yellow sheep and a brown bison.

They swirled and danced around Callut until he finally touched, cold-toe first onto a surface below him.

A bright light shone and with metallic drone. Callut felt as if he was staring into the sun, until finally the light revealed itself to be the great open doors, and beyond it, the jungle with his people. His children ran to him from the grass.

This was the beginning.