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Stuart Thaman

Stuart Thaman is the best-selling author of the Goblin Wars series, the psychological thriller For We Are Many, the Umbral Blade trilogy, and the upcoming novel Blood and Ash, the first book of the Chronicles of Estria series based on the acclaimed miniatures game Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars. When not writing, he enjoys smoking cigars, acquiring bruises in mosh pits, teaching a myriad of disparate subjects to unruly high schoolers, and preparing for the end of the world. You can catch up with him on Twitter @stuartthaman and on his website:


Roll of bone and knife, cutting away the fat, to the thick pad of meat on the bison. She watched as the attendant shifted the blade and cut long strips from the flank, slapping the heavy, wet meat onto the wax paper.

He had a spindly beard, grown over 30 years, twisted and tied up. His face brown from sun. His bare chest, not muscular, slightly sunken. Cesa wondered if there had been a disease when this butcher had been a child.

He looked up at her from the bloody mess, swatted at a fly that had landed on his temple, and took back to his task.

“You’re not from around here,” said the butcher as he sliced, barely missing knotted fingers. “You’re here to find him aren’t you?”

Cesa looked around at the hot bizarre, hundreds of faces, all watching and providing feigned anonymity at the same time. The was no point in hiding it. This place could have killed her if it had wanted to. They wanted Cesa to find Voxel.

A StratBat flew overhead, camera whirring, somebody, perhaps Voxel himself wanted Cesa to know that she was being watched.

“Smart girl, you’re going to need this protein,” said the butcher. “This is the best bison this side of the canal, none of that fake shit like they sell over in the supermax.”

Cesa nodded. She just wanted the meat. She felt exposed. A metal cat squaked from a rooftop. It’s circuitry clouded the air and Cesa felt a pain in her stomach.

“Supermax bison is people anyway,” laughed the wiry butcher. “Eaten too much people will make you crazy, not that I would know from experience. You’ll have to ask Voxel about that when you meet him. Or maybe you already know.”

This butcher was beginning to prod too much. Cesa grabbed her credit bar from her secure strap. You didn’t walk into this bizarre with anything less the worst of intentions and a weapon. Not if you didn’t want to end up poor or even worse Voxel’s dinner.

The butcher slapped the white packaged meat on the table in front of Cesa.

“Say hi to Voxel for me.”